Roofing Products

Rubber roof coating being applied to a surfaceRC-2000 Rubber Roof Coating
Inland Rubber Roof Coating provides a cost effective solution for many of today's roofing problems.
RC-2000 Specs
Printable RC-2000 Spec Sheet (PDF)
RC-2000 MSDS

RC 3000 Liquid Roofing Membrane
Inland RC 3000 is a water-based roof Coating that is ideal for use over asphaltic substrates. It performs well in wet environments and can be used on new or aged modified bitumen and smooth BUR surfaces.
RC-3000 Specs
Printable RC-3000 Spec Sheet (PDF)
RC-3000 MSDS

RC-2200 Rubber Seam Compound
RC-2200 Rubber Seam CompoundA dense white rubber compound that is extremely effective for sealing cracks, laps, fasteners and penetrations on roof surfaces.
RC-2200 Specs
Printable RC-2200 Spec Sheet (PDF)
RC-2200 MSDS (Brush Grade)
RC-2200 MSDS (Spray Grade)
RC-2200 MSDS (Trowel Grade)

A Roof Treated with RS-2030RS-2030 Roofing Sealer
RS-2030 Sealer protects Modified Bitumen and asphaltic surfaces from both weathering and wet environments.
RS-2030 Specs
Printable RS-2030 Spec Sheet (PDF)
RS-2030 MSDS

DF-1000 Rubber Deck Filler
A unique rubber compound that can be used as a heavy base/filler coat on various substrates including plywood, concrete, builtup, and modified bitumen.
DF-1000 Specs
Printable DF-1000 Spec Sheet (PDF)
DF-1000 MSDS

CR-2100 Rubber Skylight Coating
A clear rubber coating that provides extermely effective protection for fiberglass skylight panels.
CR-2100 Specs
Printable CR-2100 Spec Sheet (PDF)
CR-2100 MSDS

RC-300 Cleaner/Degreaser
Inland RC-300 cleans oil, grease, grime, mildew, dirt and other soils from roof membranes and surfaces.
RC-300 Specs
Printable RC-300 Spec Sheet (PDF)

RPM Stitchbonded Polyester Mesh
A stichbonded polyester mesh that is ideally suited for use with Inland's RC series of synthetic rubber coatings.
RPM Specs
Printable RPM Spec Sheet (PDF)

RST Roofing Seam Tape
Inland's RST series seam tape is ideally suited for use with Inland's RC series of synthetic rubber coatings.
RST Specs
Printable RST Spec Sheet (PDF)

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